Midi Hoard

Midi Hoard

Midi Hoard

For the young treasure hunters of the future

Our most loved ones… kids
Hooked on technology and disconnected from nature… and we, as parents try to encourage them to go outside, explore and play and teach them history
Yet, it seems hopeless at times

Introducing the world’s first waterproof kids detector series

The most fun way to introduce kids to metal detecting

The hobby they can enjoy away from the crowds… and the only hobby that can pay back

Sometimes by putting a big smile on their face… or sometimes with even more

Release the discoverer in your child… see the excitement when they uncover their treasure


Fully submersible up to 1 meter (3 ft)


Retractable Shaft
Shaft retracts down to 83 cm (32.5″). Great for easy transport


Lightweight (880g / 1.9lbs)
Easy to use… lightweight and compact



Representation GOHARBASTAN

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